The Farm Stand at North Brooklyn Farms

When produce is poppin' we get a Farm Stand going to sell the freshest veggies and herbs on the block. Straight out of our garden and into your kitchen. 

Farm stand will be starting in late May, stay tuned for official hours!

Farm Stand only open during the growing season, May-October.

Additional hours announced via Instagram & Facebook.

Farm Stand FAQs

What kinds of vegetables are available at the Farm Stand?

A variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers grow throughout the summer season at the Farm on Kent. It's up to the Earth (and the Moon) to let us know when, but at some point throughout the season you will see a variety of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, radishes, peas, string beans, kale, lettuces, cucumbers, zucchini, squashes, carrots, turnips, herbs, flowers & more!

Do I need to bring a bag for my purchases?

North Brooklyn Farms encourages everyone to bring a reusable bag for their purchases, though canvas bags and produce sacks are available for sale to help support the Farm. 

Is anything organic?

Our garden plots are raised beds with organic seed and soil - NO pesticides, chemicals or synthetics are used. We follow the standards that make organic produce but are not certified.

Isn't local, fresh and beautiful produce expensive?

Prices are set to move! There's at least one week when the entire staff eats nothing but grilled zucchini for lunch and we would be delighted to relay the bounty to our neighbors. Prices are subject to change and availability of produce ranges from week to week. Come see what just popped up out of the ground and then take some home and eat it with your friends and family. We do!