About North Brooklyn Farms

North Brooklyn Farms creates agricultural green space where people connect with nature and one another. Our farm and public park on the footprint of the iconic Domino Sugar refinery building marks the first time that stretch of the East River has been open to the public in over 150 years. Views of the Williamsburg Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyline serve as a backdrop for weekly farm stands, farm to table dinners, community volunteer days, musical performances & other public and private events.

Farm Location

320 Kent Avenue (@ S. 4th Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11249

General Hours

The Farm on Kent is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday, from 11am to 8pm. Please note that hours are subject to change without notice to accommodate ticketed programming. Follow us at @northbrooklynfarms for the most up-to-date hours and event information.

Directions/Public Transportation

  • Subway: Marcy Avenue on JMZ trains; Bedford Avenue on L train.

  • Bus: Q59 or B32.

  • East River Ferry: Schaefer Landing/South Williamsburg or N. 6th Street/North Williamsburg

Farm Rules & Guidelines

You are welcome to:

  • Visit the park during the hours posted;

  • Use open areas on the North Brooklyn Farms site, including the lawn, during open park hours unless a space is reserved for an event;

  • Enjoy the gardens without entering flowerbeds or picking flowers;

  • Clean-up after yourself by depositing waste in the trash receptacles and recycling;

  • Bring your dog, provided that they remain on a leash, their waste is bagged and deposited in a lined trash can, & they doesn't bother other visitors or interfere with farm programming;

Farm guidelines prohibit:

  • Horseplay, fighting, gambling, possession of firearms or weapons;

  • Smoking and possession and use of illegal substances;

  • Illegal or disorderly activities and other activities that impair the character, reputation or appearance the farm site or surrounding properties;

  • Destroying or defacing property and actions that place others in potential danger;

  • Running except in extreme emergencies;

  • Wearing cleats, fireworks, panhandling, feeding wildlife, fires, littering and remote-control or motorized toys or vehicles, including aerial drones;

  • Cycling or skateboarding (North Brooklyn Farms is not affiliated with the bike park located adjacent to our Farm site, and bike park activities must be limited to the bike park’s site);

  • Sitting, standing, jumping or climbing on railings, fencing, planters and any other structure not designed for such uses;

  • Personal grills or glass containers;

  • Storage of personal belongings; unattended belongings will be discarded;

  • Obstructing entrances to the Farm;

  • Harassing or disturbing other visitors or the Farm's personnel or volunteers; and

  • Unaccompanied or unsupervised children.

Farm guidelines prohibit the following activities of visitors, unless expressly authorized by North Brooklyn Farms in connection with its events and programming activities:

  • Tents or temporary structures;

  • Performances, events and rallies;

  • Vendors or commercial activity;

  • Commercial photography without express written permission;

  • Amplified music;

  • Alcohol use;

  • Posting of signs;

  • On-site parking and use of motorized vehicles (other than electric wheelchairs), farming tools, equipment or machinery; and picking flowers and produce.

No Tolerance of Harassment or Discrimination:  We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for our employees, volunteers, contractors and others visiting the Farm or participating in our events and programming.  The Farm strongly disapproves of any form of harassment, including, but not limited to, ethnic, racial or sexual harassment.  Actions, overtures or remarks involving ethnic or religious animosity, or conduct of a sexual nature, will not be tolerated.

Where can I find something I lost?  North Brooklyn Farms is not responsible for lost, found or damaged items at the Farm or any of our events held off-premises.  Found items are sometimes turned in to our staff or volunteers, and we are eager to reunite items with their owners when possible. To check for a found item or report a lost one, email info@northbrooklynfarms.com or reach out to our staff or volunteers at our Farm site.

Accessibility.  Although we do not have facilities designed specifically for the handicapped, we welcome guests with disabilities.  We will do anything we can to help accommodate you visiting the Farm and participating in our activities and programming.  If you have any specific questions or concerns in advance of your visit, please email us at info@northbrooklynfarms.com.

Safety Matters.  Urban soils can contain pollutants related to the land’s former use. We strive to keep volunteers and visitors safe by encouraging practices that limit soil ingestion. We provide hand-washing stations through the Farm and encourage volunteers to wear gloves while farming. 

Photography and Media Rules & Policies

One of the best parts about visiting North Brooklyn Farms is the gorgeous views!  We encourage our visitors to take pictures and video to remember their visit.  Feel free to tag us on social @nbk_farms, #northbrooklynfarms and geotag our location!  But please take note of the following restrictions on all pictures, video, motion pictures, recordings and other media created by visitors and volunteers on our premises or at any of our events or programming (collectively, “Media”):

  • Media is permitted for personal use only.

  • Media may not be used by visitors, volunteers or other third parties for promotional, commercial or editorial purposes without the prior written permission of North Brooklyn Farms, LLC.

  • Media may not be given, licensed, or otherwise transferred to any third party without the prior written permission of North Brooklyn Farms, LLC.

If you have an opportunity to use your Media for promotional, commercial or editorial purposes, please contact us at info@northbrooklynfarms.com, as we are generally supportive once we have reviewed the proposed use. 

If you would like to arrange a journalistic media visit or a commercial shoot, please contact us at info@northbrooklynfarms.com.  Any such visits or shoots should be scheduled in advance.

By accessing the Farm and participating in our events and programming, you (a) grant and convey unto North Brooklyn Farms, LLC all rights, title and interest in any and all photographic images, video, motion pictures, recordings and other media made by or on behalf of North Brooklyn Farms (including, without limitation, any royalties, proceeds or other benefits derived there from) and (b) agree to allow North Brooklyn Farms, LLC to use the foregoing and your name, likeness, images and other materials and representations of or involving you as may be deemed appropriate or desirable by North Brooklyn Farms, LLC for advertising, publicity, marketing promotion, social media and other lawful purposes of or involving North Brooklyn Farms, LLC, in any such case, from now until the end of time, without compensation.

We strive to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors to North Brooklyn Farms.  By accessing the Farm and participating in our events and programming, you acknowledge that the Farm has guidelines, policies and rules that you will be asked to follow for the safety of yourself and others and to minimize disturbances to the neighbors.  Note that all bags are subject to search.  Access to the Farm and participation in our events and activities may be terminated at any time by North Brooklyn Farms for any reason, with or without cause.