Magic Box:
A curated CSA by the farmers and chefs of North Brooklyn Farms 

The Magic Box is our curated CSA, a weekly box of produce, beans, grains and selected specialty items reflecting an understanding of the land and the season. Magic Box is like a traditional community supported agriculture (CSA) in that we provide weekly shares of locally grown produce, but we've curated the contents to help you create a whole meal.  In each box you'll also receive an information card that describes each product, with our personal tips for preparation, and recipes that combine the different ingredients in the box into something greater than the sum of all its parts.

Our farmers and chefs will share recipe ideas, nutritional information and insight into the growing process.  By the end of the season, you'll have your own North Brooklyn Farms recipe book worth of Magic Box cards! You and your family will have learned about where your food comes from, our special tricks and new ways to prepare it. At North Brooklyn Farms, we love to have you at our dinner table.  And with Magic Box, you can bring us to yours!

In 2015, Magic Box shares are limited to 30 subscribers. Get yours before they're gone. 


Magic Box


Magic Box FAQs

What is a Magic Box?

Magic Box is a weekly box of produce, grains, nuts, beans, wild-foraged goods and specialty products. It is similar to a CSA (community-supported-agriculture), in which you support a local farm by purchasing a "share" of the produce, but we also pair with other treats that make it easy for you to turn your produce into meals. We are connected to a limited number of high-quality producers, and through the magic box we pass along the opportunity to be in tune with the freshest possible ingredients at their peak flavor.

How is a Magic Box different from a CSA?

Magic Box is curated by growers and chefs not only include produce, but other staple items needed to make whole meals. We believe that the consciousness we put in our food will translate to your table, the same way it translates to ours. Since we never eat an entire meal out of our garden (well, Emma actually does) we provide you with the right ingredients that we would use to bring out the best in our produce.

What’s most exciting is that, as farmers, foragers and producers, we can offer you items that you cannot find in grocery stores or even farmers markets. We will bring you delightfully citrusy Spruce tips, Elderberries, Wild Blueberries and other fruits of the forest. You’ll never get a box full of one item that you’re unsure how to prepare (“What will I do with all these radishes!?”).  Each box contains a curated selection of goods, and a recipe card with creative tips to prepare them.

What kind of produce will I get each week? 

Fresh produce from The Farm on Kent, produce from partner farms upstate, beans and grains from the region and/or fresh sauces, pastas, pickles and a wide range of locally-crafted specialties. 

What’s most exciting is that, as farmers, foragers and producers, we can offer you items that you cannot find in grocery stores. And don’t forget the fresh flowers and herbal teas from our city farm!

How long is the season? How much does it cost?

In 2015, the Magic Box season last from August to October, a total of 12 weeks. First pick up is on Wednesday, August 5th. A weekly share for the full season, August to October (12 weeks), is $540. A half share, biweekly pickup (6 weeks), is $270. 

Is the produce organic?

Yes, all of our produce in the Magic Box is grown organically without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

What kind of produce will I get each week?

Chef Emma will work with our family of suppliers a few weeks in advance to plan what produce will be freshest, and pair it with products like local honey and fresh sauces, pastas, pickles and a wide range of locally-crafted specialties. And don’t forget the fresh flowers and herbal teas from our city farm.

To get a better sense of the produce available you can take a look at our example box or take a look at our produce calendar.

What if I don’t know how to use the produce in the box?

Don't worry. Each box is accompanied by a recipe and preparation suggestions provided by Chef Emma!

When do I pick up my box?

Magic Box pick-up is at the farm (320 Kent Avenue) on Wednesday evenings from 5:00pm - 7:30pm. Pick up is rain or shine. If you cannot pick up your box, we also can deliver them to you for an additional charge.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes! We know that sometimes it’s difficult to pick up each week, which is why we offer home delivery on pickup night for an additional charge related to the distance from the farm.

Zone 1 = $10 (Williamsburg & Greenpoint)

Zone 2 = $15 (Until South Park Slope)

Zone 3 = $20 (Manhattan & Queens)

Sample Magic Box:

4 ears of sweet corn (NBk Farms)
5 heirloom tomatoes (NBk Farms)
2 Jalapenos (NBk Farms)
2 Sweet Chocolate Bell Peppers (NBk Farms)
1 lb. Black Beans (Cayuga Pure Organics)
1 Package Chipotle Salt (Hepp's Salt)

1 Package Smoked Tomato Fettucine (Northern Farmhouse Pasta)

Magic Box

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