What is it?

It is more than just a breath of fresh greenery or a friendly community village center or even some artistic “bubble” Never Never Land where children of 75 years play as puppies in the sun, but a response to a cultural nadir.  The curators? A coalition of vehemently passionate and generous artisans who took up their craft to improve their own lives by improving their surroundings.  Pioneers seek their own fulfillment through their love of beautiful and purposeful work.  It is the tomatoes that are the paycheck.  Soaring through the air on a bicycle or watching butterflies make love in a bed of wild flowers or listening carefully to your Hassid neighbor’s personal experiences with God.  Cooking a meal with vegetables you planted from seed and harvested with your friends, new and old.  Having square dances with your favorite musicians, where the fame and the homelessness that we wear as New York City Badges leave their pretense at the gate and we spend a night spinning under the open celestial summer.  The bridge, Manhattan skyline, and the campfire are just some of the stars. 

- Andrew Kluger